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Items for Lease

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Items for Lease

J. Freeman, Inc. has been serving the sign, graphic arts, printing, display businesses, contracting, and others for many years with some of the unique equipment we sell. Many of these transactions are in the form of our simple one page leasing agreement with the customer. Our terms are reasonable, we do "in house" finacing. You deal only with us. We make credit decisions in no longer than 24 hours and our leases are tailored so that you can terminate them at any time during their life at your option with no penalty.

You may have a requirement for something not listed which we would be happy to handle for you. Our staff is fully conmpetent to advise you on all technical recommendations and backup. Contact us for more information.

Some of the products we handle are:


Sheet Metal Brakes
Sheet Metal Shears
Power Notchers
Letter Forming Brakes
Iron Workers
Gas Driven Welders
Tubing Benders
Sheet Metal Slitters
Panel Saws
Radial Arm Metal Cutting Saws
Bostitch Metal Letter Fasteners
OTC Welders
Roll BEnders
Roto Die Machines
Gun Washers/Solvent Recyclers
Lexaire Spray Painters
Software for Sign Makers
Plotters (Roland, Graphtek, Anagraph, Allen Datagraph)
Computers - IBM Clones
Computer Driven Routers
Rolland Color Cams 5000
Laminators - Ledco and Seal
Anagraph Design Art
Encad Printers
Hercules Tube Benders
Cadlink Signlab
Neon Wizard
Band Saws
Vytek Routing Tables
Pistoutius Framing Machinery
Plasma Cutters
Table Saws, Jointers, Shapers
Plastic Edgefinishing Equipment
Gerber Signmakers
Stud Welders
Vytek Laser Encad
Epson Large Format Digital Printers



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