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Makrolon® multi UV Sheet is...

Transparent, Weather-Resistant Multi-Skin Polycarbonate Sheets with a UV Protective Surface
Offers Significantly Superior Solutions for a Wide Range of Glazing Applications in Architectural as well as Industrial Buildings

  • Over 250 times more impact-resistant than glass - Withstands violent hail storms and will not break during transport and installation
  • Daylighting - high light transmission
  • Lightweight and high rigidity
  • Excellent heat insulating properties
  • Easy to install and fabricate using commercially available tools - Material can be cold-bent based upon manufacture recommendations
  • Ten year warranty for weather resistance - Permanent UV protective layer provides long term durability

Makrolon® multi UV Special Grades

Makrolon multi UV IQ-Relax for Added Heat Reduction

  • Features advanced solar control properties, improves room comfort - High light transmission

Makrolon multi UV No Drop for Humid Conditions

  • Special water dispensing layer prevents drop formation in humid conditions typically found in greenhouses and indoor swimming pools
  • Special surface treatment controls water droplet run-off, benefits for plant protection and improves indoor swimming pool safety
Prices are subject to fluctuate with the rises of oil.