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J. Freeman, Inc.
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Dorchester, MA 02122


Museum, Art Galleries & Framers

We carry plastic U.V. filtering sleeves to cover flourescent tubes

Can supply custom made Plexiglass cubes, or other confirmations

We carry ultra-violet filtering acrylic sheets, in many sizes and thickness, and cut to order

We stock a vast inventory of Plexiglass sheets, in all sizes and colors - we cut to size

Large diameter Plexiglass and Lexan bubbles

Brillianize plastic polish - cleans, anti-static, wax coats - for maximum protection: 8oz. spray bottle (12 per carton) $5.99 per bottle - gallon (4 per carton) $22.00 per gallon

23k gold leaf

Pistorius Machines

Non-Glare Acrylic Sheets

All sizes tubing & rod






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